July Expenses – $1219.15

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for July.


July’s expenses were reasonable.

Entertainment expense was for an Amazon Prime subscription, lottery tickets, and a book.

Rent was $0 because I didn’t break it out of the support total.

Transportation included $90.47 for gas and $15 for a flat tire repair.

My food expense was $107.17. That is divided between $44.28 for groceries and $62.89 for restaurants. This was low because I got very cheap meals when I ate out and had a couple of free gift cards.

My phone bill was $185.52 for one year of service with Mint Mobile.

Utilities came in at $182.04. That was for electric, water, and internet at my U.S. residence.

The household expense was for a hand soap, a photo pillowcase, and a small gift.

Travel expense included $218.40 for airfare. That total included airfare from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, airfare from Bangkok to Tokyo, a seat selection fee, and award taxes on a future flight from LAX to Taipei. I managed to snag a business class seat on Starlux Airlines when Alaska had them available for 60k miles for less than a day.

My other travel expense was $29.26 for a hotel in Manila where I had an overnight layover.

I provided $303.99 of support to my wife. That was mostly for the rent and utilities for our Chiang Mai apartment.

This month’s expenses will likely be a little higher since I will be in Thailand.

How was your month?

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