June Income – $2118.77

Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Bank Bonus$500
Other Selling$80.97
Cash Back$34.18
Amazon Merch$4.15

June’s income finally got back to where I need it to be.

Dividend income came in at $18.96.

Interest income was $89.34. This went up a lot since I had a lot of my savings in a non-interest paying account in order to qualify for a bank bonus that paid out at the beginning of the month. After it paid out, I moved my savings to a higher interest account.

I received $500 from a bank bonus. I had to tie up quite a bit of money for a few months to get this. It was still a lot more than I would have earned in interest.

I made $234.11 from eBay.

I made $80.97 from sales outside of eBay.

I received $34.18 in cash back from a credit card and a shopping portal.

I made $4.15 from Amazon Merch. I need to add some more designs and see if I can increase this source of income.

I made $1157.06 in job income as I started a new project late in the month. I ended up working 26 days straight on that project and racking up quite a bit of overtime. My job income will be considerably better this month.

I was glad to finally have a solid income month. How was your month?

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