June Expenses – $887.92

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.


June’s expenses were pleasantly low. I started a job during the last half of the month and ended up working 26 days straight. The time spent working meant less time to spend money.

Entertainment expense was for an Amazon Prime subscription, a trip to the movies, a local Comic-Con and lunch with a friend.

Rent was $113.99 for my wife’s apartment in Chiang Mai. That total includes electricity and water.

Transportation was $40.37 for gas, $12 for an inspection and $1.50 for a car wash.

My food expense was $142.56. That is divided between $58.56 for groceries and $84 for restaurants. This was low because I have been eating out less and getting cheaper meals when I do eat out.

Utilities came in at $236.30. That was for electric, trash service, and internet at my U.S. house. Thailand utilities are included in support.

My phone bill was $0 since it is prepaid.

The household expense was for a haircut, toothbrush, reading glasses, tissues, flossers and other household items.

Travel expense included $115.55 for award ticket fees and a change fee. I had to change my plans again this month so about half of this total has been refunded.

I provided $140 of support to my wife.

This month’s expenses should be about the same.

How was your month?

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