July Income $5212.75

Here is a breakdown of my income for July.

Bank Bonus$100
Other Selling$88.49
Cash Back$19
Amazon Merch$4.15
Tax Return$1209.14
Mystery Shop$33

July was a great income month. Working lots of overtime plus getting my federal tax return made for a nice income total for the month

Dividend income came in at $15.43.

Interest income was $144.42 Keeping my money in a high-interest account plus some in T-Bills made for a nice return.

I received $100 from a bank bonus.

I made $245.31 from eBay. This is pretty good considering I was working overtime most of the month and not spending much time on eBay.

I made $88.49 from sales outside of eBay.

I received $19in cash back.

My federal tax refund was $1209.14. It was received later than usual this year since I had to paper file so I could get an ITIN for my wife.

I received $33 from a mystery shop. Getting paid $33 to eat a burger and fries and then spend about 20 minutes reporting information on your shop is a pretty good deal.

I made $4.15 from Amazon Merch.

I made $3351.81 in job income. I worked 26 days straight on my last project and racked up quite a bit of overtime. Job income will be way down this month as I am in Thailand and not working.

It was great to have a solid income month. I’ve finally restored my cash savings to where they were at their highest level last year. How was your month?

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