August Expenses – $1034.11

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.


August’s expenses were quite reasonable.

Entertainment expense was for an Amazon Prime subscription, one month Thailand Netflix, parking, a couple of movie tickets and two waters at the movies. In Thailand, I can get Netflix for only $4.88 a month and it still works when I return to the U.S.

Rent was $115 for our apartment in Chiang Mai.

Transportation included $11.98 for gas, $3.95 for Songtaews, and $283.40 for six month of car insurance.

My food expense was $246.65. That is divided between $112.14 for groceries and $134.51 for restaurants. This is typical for when I’m in Thailand. I expect this expense will go down slightly this month.

My phone bill was $8.69 for one month of service in Thailand. It will be roughly the same for this month.

Utilities came in at $240.79. Electric and water in Chiang Mai came to $38.34. The remaining amount was for electric, water, and internet at my U.S. residence.

The household expense was for a haircut, a power strip, facial tissue, and various other household items.

Travel expense included $44.28 for airfare. That total includes airfare from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and a seat selection fee for my Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Tokyo. It also includes $2.81 for my hotel in L.A. Most of the hotel expense was paid for in points or covered by my annual CSP $50 hotel reimbursement. Lastly, the travel expense includes $7.77 for a taxi from the Chiang Mai airport and a $2 tip for my LAX hotel shuttle.

I provided $0 of support to my wife since I was in Thailand and was able to cover all expenses directly.

This month’s expenses will probably about the same since I will be in Thailand for most of the month.

How was your month?

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