August Income – $1275.58

Here is a breakdown of my income for August.

Cash Back$333.96
Mystery Shop$25

August was a decent income month considering I only worked the first three days of the month.

Dividend income came in at $28.79.

Interest income was $132.76. The high interest rates make for a nice return on my money.

I received $333.96 in cash back. I made a few purchases for buyer’s clubs a couple months ago when shopping portals were offering a high cash back rate and the cash back became payable in August.

I received $25 from a mystery shop. Getting paid $25 to eat a burger and fries and then spend about 20 minutes reporting information on your shop is a pretty good deal.

I made $755.07 in job income. I only worked the first three days of the month. This pay was for my final two paychecks plus my delayed holiday pay for working on Independence Day.

My income was a little more than my expenses which is always good. This month my income will be a lot lower since I won’t return to the U.S. until the end of the month. Even if I manage to get work right away I won’t get paid until October.

This was a solid income month considering I was in Thailand and not working for most of the month. How was your month?

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