September Expenses – $828.83

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for September.


September’s expenses were unusually low.

Entertainment expense was for an Amazon Prime subscription, one month Thailand Netflix, one month Peacock TV, a Powerball ticket, and a movie rental. In Thailand, I can get Netflix for only $4.88 a month and it still works when I return to the U.S.

Rent was $111.20 for our apartment in Chiang Mai.

My only transportation expense was $45.66 for gas,

My food expense was $189.48. That is divided between $64.70 for groceries and $124.78 for restaurants. This expense will go down slightly this month.

My phone bill was $7.17 for one month of service in Thailand. I won’t have a phone bill this month.

Utilities came in at $264.33. This was for electric, water, and internet at my U.S. residence and water and electric in Chiang Mai.

The household expense was for a haircut, batteries, deodorant, headphones, paper towels and various other household items.

Travel expense included $13.90 for a hotel in Bangkok. It also included $9.17 for a taxi to and from the Bangkok airport, $22.04 for a train ticket from Narita to downtown Tokyo, and $7.41 for a bus to Haneda airport.

I provided $55.60 of support to my wife.

This month’s expenses will probably be a little higher since it is difficult to keep expenses that low.

How was your month?

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