May Expenses – $987.24

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for May.


May’s expenses were pleasantly low.

Entertainment expense was for an Amazon Prime subscription and an anniversary dinner.

Rent is included in support this month. I should have separated it out when I paid it, but I didn’t and I’m too lazy to go back and figure it out now.

Transportation was $54.72 for gas and $28.05 to renew my auto registration.

My food expense was $194.19. That is divided between $77.53 for groceries and $116.66 for restaurants. This was lower since I was only buying food for myself the last half of the month. Although food in Thailand is cheap, I am able to spend even less on food in the U.S.

Utilities came in at $171.65. That was for electric and internet at my U.S. house. Thailand utilities are included in support.

My phone bill was $0 since it is prepaid. This month I once again shouldn’t have any phone expense at all.

The household expense was for a haircut, toothpaste batteries, and other household supplies. The biggest part of this expense was $110 for my continuing education. I need to get some self-employed attorney income so I can write that off as a business expense.

Travel expense includes $30.12 for airfare. That includes the taxes on a couple of award tickets and a slight charge for changing the date of a ticket. I also spent $15.20 on a cheap hotel in Bangkok before I flew out the next day.

I provided $274.94 of support to my wife. That was mainly for the rent and utilities for her room.

This month’s expenses should be even less. I’m not expecting any big expenses this month.

How was your month?

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