May Income – $631.53

Here is a breakdown of my income for May.

Bank Bonus$200
Other Selling$33.24
Class Action$5.44
Cash Back$25.30
Amazon Merch$16.60

May’s income increased from April, but it is still way too low. I came back to the USA in the second half of the month and didn’t get a project offer from my employers during the month.

Dividend income came in at $22.33.

Interest income was $27.81. I have a lot of my savings in a non-interest paying account in order to qualify for a bank bonus so this total will be low until I complete the bonus. The bonus should pay out before the end of this month.

‘I received $200 from a bank bonus.

I made $300.81 from eBay. I’m slowly increasing my listings which should lead to an increase in income.

I made $33.24 from sales in a private group.

I received $25.30 cash back from a credit card and I received $5.44 from a class action.

I made $16.60 from Amazon Merch. I think that is my best month ever. I haven’t done anything on AZ Merch for years. It might be time to add some more designs and see what else I can do to increase this source of income.

I’m hopeful I will have some document review work this month. That would help my income a lot. Even if I don’t get any doc review work I should do at least a little better this month. How was your month?

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