April Expenses – $989.05

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April. Since it is a day ahead here in Thailand I can post my expenses for the month before the month has ended back in the U.S.

Student Loan$132.58

My April expenses were nice and low. I managed to get my expenses under my target of $1000 for the month. For the year, I’m still averaging under $1000 a month. If I were able to keep my monthly average for the entire year under $1000 a month that would be great. That won’t be easy to do since I plan on getting over a $1000 of dental work done this year and there are always unplanned expenses sometime during the year. It will be a good goal to work towards.

Rent was low as usual. I paid $200 to my Mom for rent for the first half of April and paid $141.50 for one month’s rent in Thailand. My rent in Thailand is paid through May 22nd. That should result in an even lower rent total for May unless I rent a more expensive place when I move to Chiang Mai.

Transportation was super cheap. My transportation expenses consisted of two years registration for my car and the safety inspection which was required to renew my registration. I managed to not have any airport taxi or shuttle expenses for the month by planning ahead. My hotels in Shanghai and Bangkok both offered free shuttles to and from the hotel. I had to go from BKK (the international airport in Bangkok) to DMK (the domestic/budget airport in Bangkok) to take my domestic Thailand flight. I managed to do this for free by taking the free shuttle between BKK and DMK. Since I had a morning flight from DMK I arrived the night before to be safe. I stayed at a hotel about 15 minutes walk from DMK saving me from having to pay for a taxi there.

My food expense was high by my standards. I didn’t worry about keeping my food expense low for the month since my food expense is low by most people’s standards even when I’m not especially trying to keep it low. This amount was up a bit this month since I ate out a lot and I bought a few meals for my girlfriend as well. The only food expense I regretted for the month was paying $9.50 for a terrible breakfast buffet at my hotel for my girlfriend and me. I thought the breakfast was included with my room or I never would have had it. Oh well, there are always going to be some money mistakes.

The household expense was for some hangers, shampoo, a toothbrush, and some other small items. I also bought my girlfriend some clothes as a birthday present.

Entertainment was for three movies plus concessions. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to see Avengers Endgame here. The week I arrived all of their movies were dubbed in Thai. Luckily, for Avengers they have one showtime a day that is English with Thai subtitles rather than being dubbed in Thai. My entertainment expense will go up in May if there are more movies with English audio that I can see. If not, I’ll have to wait until I get to Chiang Mai to see more movies which will keep this expense low.

Travel was for a VPN subscription and the annual fee for my Chase IHG card. Since I have to use public wifi when I’m traveling I thought it was smart to get a VPN. I managed to get a super cheap deal. Maybe too cheap, since I’ve had some trouble with the VPN getting disconnected. That wasn’t an issue with the VPN I used last year. Paying the annual fee on my IHG card gives me a free night at an IHG hotel so I’ll get more than $49 of value from that later this year.

There was no phone bill this month since I traded in my old phone and the credit I received completely wiped out the bill for the month. My only health expense was for my monthly health insurance premium. I’m still using my same Google Fi phone service here in Thailand. I mostly use wifi, but occasionally have to use my phone’s data so there will be a phone bill for May. I plan to see a dentist once I’m in Chiang Mai so my health expense will go up as well.

Overall, April was a great month for low expenses and I expect May will be as well, other than a possible big dental bill.

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