April Income – $4686.92

Here is a breakdown of my income for April.

Interest $6.30
Amazon FBA $50.78
Job $4198.82
Class Action $40
Cashback $28.65
Dividends $15.81
Online $346.56
Total $4686.92

April was another great month for income. It wasn’t quite as great as March though. That was to be expected since I didn’t have a big boost from tax refunds in April.

My two negative sources of income from last month turned into positive sources of income for April. Amazon FBA income was still weak. I’ve been having way too many returns this year. When I get back to the U.S. I will work on improving my FBA income. I’m also going to sell some stuff on eBay and perhaps locally.

I had a good month for online income. I almost made enough to cover the expenses I’ve already paid this year.  I got a payout from Google Adsense for the month and received payment for some sponsored posts on one of my other blogs.

I also was paid an affiliate commission during April.  Since it wasn’t received until May it will be included in May’s income. My links for Bluehost (aff link) and  (aff link) Hostgator for web hosting and Namecheap (aff link) for domain names didn’t result in any commissions.

My dividend income decreased slightly for the month.  I’m not adding anything to my dividend portfolio the next couple of months so this income will stay roughly the same

I made $40 from a random class action settlement. I don’t remember ever being notified I was part of the suit. Getting the check in the mail was a nice surprise.

April’s income mostly consisted of job income. It was a good amount considering it was only for two and a half weeks. Due to the lack of job income, this month’s income will be down significantly.

How was your month?

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