My New Thailand Apartment

My apartment in Uttaradit Thailand.

After four different hotel rooms in four nights I am now settling down as I have rented a room for the next month. I did have some people interested in how to find an apartment in Thailand so I will share that process. This apartment hunt took place in a smaller city in Thailand and I was assisted by my Thai girlfriend so my search won’t be relevant to a lot of visitors to Thailand. I’ll probably move to Chiang Mai next month. My apartment hunt there will be more typical and I’ll share that process too.

This apartment costs 4500 baht a month which is about 141 U.S. dollars. There is also a 500 baht fee for weekly cleaning. This didn’t appear to be optional so adding this fee the price for the month is about $156. There is also a 100 baht per month charge for water and electricity costs 8 baht per unit. Since it is over 100 Fahrenheit every day right now the electric bill might be expensive. Like most apartments in Thailand a deposit of one month’s rent was also required. When I leave next month they will deduct the cleaning, water, and electric charges from the deposit and refund the rest to me. They let me use my credit card to pay for the rent and deposit which made things simpler.

The room isn’t quite as nice as the room I had in Chiang Mai. It doesn’t have a couch, kitchen, or a proper desk area. It also doesn’t have a fitness center. It has a pool, but you are charged for every use making it unlikely I’ll use the pool much. Since I never used the kitchen when in CM not having a kitchen doesn’t matter to me. It does have a small table with plastic chairs that I use when I’m tired of sitting/lying on the bed and when I’m using my laptop. This apartment was chosen mainly for its location. It is about a 20 minute walk away from the Tesco shopping center which in addition to the Tesco supermarket has a movie theater, several restaurants, and various other shops. Overall, I think it is a great deal for the money.

My apartment search for this room took just a few hours. My girlfriend drove me to several places which helped a lot since I wouldn’t have been able to walk everywhere and I wouldn’t have known where to go. Our first stop was a hotel that my GF knew and liked. From the outside it looked pretty nice, but they didn’t have any rooms available for monthly rental. Our second stop was a room in a small complex owned by GF’s cousin. This room was quite basic but acceptable considering the price of about $95 a month. I didn’t choose this room since it was a little far away from the supermarket and restaurants. Plus, I knew I could go up quite a bit in quality for not much more money. The third place we visited was the hotel I stayed at when I was here last year. They had a room available for 4500 baht per month. Since it was fairly close to shopping and restaurants and I knew I liked it after staying there last year we decided to rent this room. Since this was Sunday when we were looking we wouldn’t be able to sign the contract for the room until the next day.

On our way back to the hotel we came across another apartment building. They had lots of rooms available for just $3500 baht per month. The rooms were really old and dark and the building didn’t seem very clean so I passed on this place. After returning to our hotel we thought to ask if the hotel had monthly rooms. It turned out they did and I ended up renting my room from the hotel and cancelling the other room. If I would have asked at the hotel first we wouldn’t have had to do any apartment hunting. I think I would have been just as happy at the other 4500 baht per month hotel. Shopping is slightly closer to this hotel and it does have a pool if I want to use it so I decided this was a slightly better choice.

So I guess my advice for apartment hunting in Thailand is to ask at your hotel first or have your Thai girlfriend help you or both. Joking aside, I hope the apartment hunt information was somewhat helpful and/or interesting.

4 thoughts on “My New Thailand Apartment”

  1. Thanks for the thorough details, Andy. I’ve been giving some thought to “what’s next” and where I should go. I still can’t believe how inexpensive your Thai apartment is.

    • Glad to help. I plan to have a more thorough apartment hunting post when I relocate at the end of the month. You seem to have established a good situation for yourself in Tampa with your AirBnB and all. I might get around to moving to Florida myself this year. I plan to continue spending most of the year in the U.S. and part of the year in Thailand. Since I can work my tax job from anywhere in the U.S. now there isn’t really anything other than inertia keeping me in Missouri.

  2. Your blog remains as tortuous as ever. 50 hours of air travel, and you give us …. one picture.

    By most cheap guest-worker studio standards, it looks potentially bright, colourful and pretty.
    Does it have a name?

    Please report details on electricity consumption and total cost.

    • The room I’m staying in is at the Ton-Thong Resort in Uttaradit, Thailand. I haven’t shared much about it because this isn’t a tourist destination and I don’t think most people would be interested. I will report on the electricity consumption and cost when I am charged for it at the end of my stay. The place I stayed last year showed me the electric meter for my room so I could monitor my consumption and knew roughly what my bill would be. This place didn’t do that so I will have to trust that they bill me correctly. I think this blog is straightforward and direct rather than tortuous.


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