April Expenses – $1336.35

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.

Household $417.73








Student Loan









My April expenses were higher than I like.  I spent $380 on repairs for my car or I still would have made it under the $1000 level for the month though.  My food bill was a lot higher than normal due to eating out while I was traveling for my hike.  My actual travel expenses were low at $28 since I was able to get most of my expenses reimbursed by my Capital One Venture card, my Southwest Visa card and my Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® – Earn 2x on All Purchases. That isn’t bad for a 12 day trip with 2 hotel stays, 1 hostel stay, a commuter train ride, two taxis, an airport shuttle, and a plane ticket. This was also the first month that I had to start paying my student loan which keeps my fixed expenses higher than they were.

I think May should be a lower expense month.  The transportation expense will go back to normal and everything else will remain about the same as in April. The only exception to that would be the entertainment expense which will go up in May since it was artificially low in April due to using some gift cards and being gone on my trip for half of the month.

I think I could have a good shot at getting my yearly average monthly expense below $1000.  I do plan on having some dental work done though which will likely ruin my chance at having the lower expenses.  The dental work has been put off for a while though since I couldn’t afford it the past few years. It is more important to get my teeth healthy now than to keep my expenses below the $1000 level. Even with the dental expenses I think I will have respectably low expenses for the year.

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