April Income – $3068.26

Here is a breakdown of my income for April.

Online Income





Cash Back




Bank Bonus




Note: This is an updated version of this post since the first one I published somehow included the information from last month’s income post rather than the new information I wrote for this month’s post. This will be my best attempt at reconstructing what I originally meant to post.

April was a pretty good month for income since I received three paychecks.  Unfortunately, those were my final paychecks from my tax job which is now finished for the season.

Online income is still decent, but my affiliate income has completely dried up.  I’m not sure if I will make any affiliate income this year.  Affiliate income and blogging income are no longer a priority for me though.  I plan to experiment with a couple of different ways to make online income this year.  More on that when my plans come closer to fruition.

My income from dividends,Mr. Rebates , and other alternative sources of income remains small.  However, since I’m able to keep my expenses so low this small source of income still amounts to about 10% of my expenses which I think is a significant contribution.

My prospects for income this month aren’t so good.  It appears unlikely that I will get a job and receive a paycheck before the end of this month.  I do plan on selling some stuff this month, but I haven’t done too well at that yet.  I’m not too worried though since I have plenty in savings and I am confident I will be able to bring in a decent income again soon.

2 thoughts on “April Income – $3068.26”

  1. How did you do on your hike? You motivated me to join Healthy Wage. I’ve lost about 3 pounds since joining and about 7 pounds since I signed up with Weight Watchers. It’s nice seeing the scale go down for a change.

  2. The hike provided a nice kick start to my weight loss. I’m down 11 pounds already. I even managed to lose a couple pounds since I’ve returned home. I’ve backslid a bit this week on my eating habits, but I think I’ve got them back under control and will get back to losing weight. I made a mistake when I placed the bet and I actually have to lose 30 pounds now instead of 25. At my current rate I’ll have that knocked out in 3 months so the additional weight to lose shouldn’t make a difference.

    Good luck with your weight loss bet. Keep us posted on how you’re doing.


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