May 2014 Goals

Since I’m back from my hike and currently unemployed it is a good time to set some goals for the month so that I’m not completely lazy. I’m only going to set two goals for this month and they are both pretty easy.  If these seem too easy after a couple of weeks than I will add another goal or two.

My first goal for the month is to exercise at least a half hour every day.  Now that I’m no longer hiking I need to keep exercising or I will stop losing weight or even start gaining weight back.  This goal will usually be met by walking, but I might also get some biking or running in this month.  It will also sometimes be completed by doing yard work.  This goal should be simple since I can just walk around my block a few times while listening to a podcast to meet the goal for any particular day.  Since I find walking and listening to a podcast to be enjoyable I don’t think I will have too much resistance to meeting this goal.

My other goal for the month is to write 1000 words a day Monday through Friday.  Since I’m unemployed I have lots of time to meet this goal.  I think it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to meet this goal each day.  I didn’t pay any attention to how long I spent writing today, but I am pretty sure it was less than two hours.  I haven’t done very well at writing goals in the past so I am looking forward to finally getting on the right track with writing.  My current writing streak is one day since I just started this goal, but I plan on keeping the streak going for a while.  I am giving myself weekends off from the goal, but I might go ahead and write on the weekend too if I feel like it.  I’m also giving myself one more out for this goal.  On days that I exercise for 4 or more hours I am excusing myself from meeting the writing goal for that day.  You might be wondering what I have planned that would lead me to exercising for 4 hours or more in a day.  The plan isn’t set in stone yet, but I will tell you about it in my next post.  A couple of hints: It isn’t a hike.  It involves a form of exercise I mentioned in this post.  Feel free to make a guess in the comments.

4 thoughts on “May 2014 Goals”

    • That would work, but that isn’t it. Yard work isn’t something I like to do so I don’t think a landscaping business would be a good business for me. I have been trying to do a little more work in our yard since I need the exercise and it’s good to have exercise that accomplishes something rather than just walking in circles.

    • That isn’t it either. It isn’t a business. I would walk my girlfriend’s dogs but one of them likes to lay down and quit walking about halfway through the walk. The answer will be coming later today.


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