October Expenses – $1021.76

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for October.

Household $414.19














My October expenses were pretty low considering I went on a cruise at the end of the month.  My expenses were over my stretch goal of $1000, but only because I had $153 of travel expense due to the cruise vacation.  It looks like I should meet my goal of keeping my expenses for the year under the sum of a minimum wage income even with the additional cost of the cruise.

The rest of the cost of the cruise vacation will be spread out over the next two months.  Since my travel rewards card has a 0% interest rate for the next few months it won’t cost me anything to delay paying off the cruise.  During that time I will earn a bit more in points on my credit card that will help reduce the cost of the vacation.

Food cost was very low during October.  This was helped by the fact that I did a lot of fast food mystery shops and the fact that I was on a cruise for the last four days of the month.  I should be contributing more toward the grocery bill which will increase my food cost.

Other than the travel expense and food I expect the other expenses to remain very similar in November.


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