August Expenses – $923.99

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.

Household $400












In August I was finally able to get my expenses back down under $1000.  I didn’t have any car repairs or semi-annual bills in August so I was able to keep my expenses down about as low as I can get them.

My only transportation expense was gas.  That would have been under $100,  but I had to make a trip to SW Missouri.  Also, my gas mileage has gone way down since I got my A/C fixed.  That may be something I need to look into.  If my gas mileage is still down once I’m not using the A/C anymore then I’ll now something else is the problem.

The food expense was low because I have moved in with my girlfriend and I ate a lot of her groceries.  Most of the food expense was from having fast food almost every day I worked.  I should be buying more of the food I eat this month.

The entertainment expense included buying a Kindle Fire.  I got a really good deal on a refurbished first generation model and I had some Amazon credit so this only added about $60 to my entertainment total.  This expense should go down some this month.

My other expenses should stay about the same.  I will have an added travel expense this month.  I plan to do some hiking, but it will be in state.  That should keep the travel costs reasonable.  I’m hoping I can keep my expenses under $1000 again this month.

6 thoughts on “August Expenses – $923.99”

    • Thanks. The Kindle Fire is working out well. I’ve just been using it for reading books and web browsing so far. It is just like a bigger version of my phone. I haven’t fully explored what I can do with the Fire yet.

  1. Using your girlfriend’s groceries in August means you will increase in September! Right? I guess your other expenses will decrease. Taking lunch will save you money and your health!

    • I will contribute more in some area to keep the food expenses fair. The lunches I take from home aren’t all that healthy although they are probably still healthier than the fast food meals they replace.


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