August Income – $3661.68

Here is a breakdown of my income for August.

Online Income





Cash Back


Sell Stuff




Mystery Shops


Medical Study




August was a great month for income.  I made over three times as much money as in July. Having two full paychecks from job helped a lot.  I also made almost $1000 from alternative income and passive income.  I wish all the months could be this good.  My income has varied a lot this year.  Until I get a permanent full-time job the swings in income will likely continue.

This month will still be pretty good.  I’ll get two paychecks from job again.  One of the checks will only be for one week and there is no overtime on the other check so the job income will be down a bit.  It will be enough to make a good income month even if my other sources of income don’t contribute much.  I’m not sure how the rest of the year will be for income.  That is something I’ll worry about more next month.

6 thoughts on “August Income – $3661.68”

  1. Great results, and it looks like you killed it on the savings for this one. You hint at September, but Oct/Nov/Dec? Any predictions on the job front? Too soon to tell?

    • At this time, I don’t plan to actively look for work until the end of October. It is possible that the company I’m working for now could have another project before then. Plus, I have a couple applications in with other companies that I might hear back from still.


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