June Expenses – $1644.13

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

Household $376.78






Debt $5.00








My June expenses were much higher than I’d prefer. I missed my goal of keeping my monthly expenses under the minimum wage level of $1274 a month for the first time this year.

My food bill was under my $100 goal. Even though it was pretty low it could have been a lot better.  The total includes over 20 fast food meals.  The only reason the bill was lower than normal was because I ate a lot of the food I had previously purchased.

My transportation expense were the budget buster. I spent a little over $500 in repairs. I went ahead and replaced my catalytic converter which was a little over $500.  That was a lot less than the $1000 I was quoted at the first repair shop but still a lot more than I liked spending.  I also had my six month auto insurance bill which was about $200.  I’m looking forward to having transportation expenses of well under $100 in July.

I’m making a stretch goal of keeping my total expenses under $500 in July.  That will be pretty hard to do but it isn’t impossible.  My expenses should definitely be a lot less than they have been the last couple of months.

4 thoughts on “June Expenses – $1644.13”

  1. I had to replace a catalytic converter last month, too. Except I got ripped off. Should have gotten more than one estimate like you did. What got me was the first shop charged almost $100 to diagnose the issue. Since I was already out that cost, and I was worried the next shop was going to charge the same diagnosis fee, I bit the bullet and paid $1,055.

    What did you do with the old catalytic converter? I had the shop save mine and I recycled it. They paid me $50 for the old one.

    • I did have the converter diagnosed at one shop and then repaired at another. The shop kept the catalytic converter, they probably recycled it themselves. They were about $500 cheaper so I’m okay with that.


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