June Income – $1902.65

Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Online Income

Bank Bonus




Cash Back


Sell Stuff




Mystery Shops




My June income was a little better than in May.  The online income was surprisingly strong.  I’m hoping that will continue while I’m hiking.  The bank bonus of $150 also helped out a bit.  I planned to sell a lot of stuff in June but I didn’t get around to listing much for sale and ended up only selling one item.  I can work more on selling stuff when I get back from my hike.  It was a decent month for income although I didn’t make much from my job. Having various sources of income is helpful.  Although my expenses were high in June my income was still more than my expenses so that was good.  I don’t expect to make a lot in July but hopefully my income will at least be higher than my expenses.

6 thoughts on “June Income – $1902.65”

    • It looks okay so far. A lot of the money I was paid in June was actually earned earlier. The earnings paid for a month aren’t always reflective of what I earned that month.


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