Live Below the Line Challenge Daily Menu

Below is my daily menu for the Live Below the Line Challenge.  I’ll be having the same thing every day except Friday. That day I will have my breakfast meal twice and a burrito for dinner.


It looks like I didn’t do a very good job with my shopping.  My daily calorie count is too low. In order to get enough calories I needed to buy food that was higher in fat and/or sugar. I will have a little bit of cereal and milk left over so I could add in a couple bowls of cereal somewhere.

Since I’m about 40-50 pounds overweight and the challenge is only for 5 days it wouldn’t be impossible to get by on this level of calories.  That being said,  I have full day continuing legal education classes on Wednesday and Friday.  There will be free food provided there and I most likely will eat some of that free food.  Doing so will mean I fail the challenge but I’m ok with that. If I can go Monday through Friday without spending anything on food I’ll feel like I accomplished something. For me the challenge is more about exerting a little self control over what I eat more than it is about seeing how little I can spend on food each day.

This menu may seem unhealthy to many of you, but it is actually healthier than what I usually eat.  Compared to my usual diet of fast food, soda, chips and other junk food this menu isn’t that bad.  Also, I will be having at least a little bit of fruit and vegetable each day which is not usually the case. This challenge does show that it is very difficult to eat healthy on such a low budget.  Healthy foods such as vegetables just don’t have enough calories per dollar to make up much of a super low budget diet. I might use the knowledge gained from this challenge to do the challenge again next month and see if I can come up with a healthier menu that provides a higher number of calories.

4 thoughts on “Live Below the Line Challenge Daily Menu”

  1. So you need approximately 15 meals.

    You can get a bag of lentils from Wal-Mart for $1, a Preggo sause for $1.50 and have about 6 meals. Buy one bread for $1.50 to go with it.

    Get a dozen eggs for $1.50. Eat two eggs for lunch ( prepared anyway you like it) with the bread. That’s 6 meals

    Get a pound or two of bananas = 50 cents/$1; This could be 3 – 6 bananas. This could mean a banana for breakfast every day. That is 3 – 6 meals

    You would also have 50 cents/$1 left over for snacks. And we have 15 – 18 meals in total.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I already bought my food for the challenge, but if I decide to do another challenge I will probably buy eggs and bananas. I might get dry beans or lentils too.


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