April Expenses – $1075.78

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.









Debt $5.00










My April expenses were higher than I’d prefer . I missed my goal of keeping my monthly expenses under $1000 for the first time this year. I did at least meet my main goal of keeping my expenses under the minimum wage level of $1274 a month.

I once again spent too much money on food.  The total was lower than in March but still too high.  Food is my biggest weakness right now.  I’m eating way too much fast food and junk food.  I’ve complained about my eating habits a lot but haven’t changed them.  Eating better needs to be a priority this month.

Household expenses were a little higher because my cell phone stopped working and I purchased a new one. There isn’t much room for things to go wrong in a $1000 budget.

My transportation expense was also a little higher than I’d like.  The expense was all for gas. I did have one trip to SW Missouri but I should have spent less on gas.  I need to cut back on the unnecessary driving.

All other expenses should be about the same this month.  If there are no unexpected expenses I should get back under the $1000 mark again.

6 thoughts on “April Expenses – $1075.78”

  1. What region of the country are these figures derived from, please? I tried to email but your domain is rejecting.

  2. I posted our budget update on the blog today as well. Food killed our budget category for grocery this month coming in at almost $400 instead of the $235 budget we have. It’s because my wife is on a GI Diet now so we are stocking up for that. You did well this month, I’m jealous of your internet and electric bill so low. Keep up the good work!

    • A specialized diet would make it harder to keep the food category on budget. I’m going to try to cut back on the fast food and junk food this month. That should lower my food bill a little bit.

      I am lucky to have cheap electric and internet where I live.

  3. Here in FLA, I can’t get my electric bill below $25. My actual usage for last month was only $12.62…but the rest are additional charges for things I don’t really understand… and a small charge for the tax. I have everything on power-strips, don’t run the AC (at least not yet), and don’t use a modem – a power hot. I have my cell as my MiFi using PDA.net and an unlimited data plan. But my electric is way too high – I am envious. And our water bill is the same thing. Actual usage is less than $10 per month, Sewage is $23 and then taxes for a bill around the $38 range. Wild….

    • About $9 of my bill is fees and taxes, the rest is the actual use expense. This is for a studio apartment. I didn’t have to use my A/C or heat much and the hot water comes from a central boiler. The refrigerator is my biggest electricity user. The rest would mainly be my laptop and lights.


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