March Expenses – $980.89

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for March.









Debt $15.33










My March Expenses were up from February but they are still reasonable.  I did manage to keep the monthly total under $1000 although it was closer than I’d prefer.

Food was the only category I feel like I spent too much on.  I would be okay with the total if it was for healthy food purchases.  Since it was mainly for fast food, soda, sweet tea, and junk food I need to do better.

I expect my expenses will be about the same this month. There probably won’t be much change to my expenses until this summer.  To meet my goal of keeping expenses  under minimum wage I just need to keep my spending under $1274 a month.  That should be easy unless I get crazy on spending money on traveling later this year.  My stretch goal of keeping spending under $1000 a month appears to be easily attainable at this point as well.

8 thoughts on “March Expenses – $980.89”

  1. That’s awesome. I’d like to think I can do the same if I was single. Great job keeping it under $1,000. I think you have a typo above, it said $100.

    • Someday the mortgage will be paid off. Of course, if that is too far into the future other costs will have gone up enough that a $1000 monthly expense total is no longer realistic.

  2. Hey, Andy,

    Since you know that there are times you need the caffiene and you know what snacks you buy at the machine at work, why not buy them from say Dollar General or whatever discount store? Usually Discount store prices are better than the machine and you get more big for your buck with a powdered tea over the pre-bottled kinds.

    Last month, I dropped my “certified energy provider” and paid only the company that does the production/distribution. The result? I was charged $20 less for almost twice the energy used. I Also took myself off the economy plan and that knocked another $21 off my bill so yesterday I ended up paying $19.83. This works better for me, because during the more expensive summer months I will in theory have more OT at the factory and can pay for the AC. Plus, being in a factory, I won’t care about the heat at home as much.

    Regards, Joe

    • I should buy the snack and caffeinated drinks ahead of time. I don’t buy them because I tell myself I’m not going to have them. Later, when I decide I will have them I end up paying a premium for convenience. Being realistic about what I will actually end up eating could save me some money.

    • My phone is with Virgin Mobile. I’m grandfathered in on their $25 a month plan. It has 300 anytime minutes, unlimited data and unlimited texts. The plan cost $35 for new signups.

      My internet is provided by the city. It costs $15.96 with tax for a 1.5 mb connection. I could bump that up to a 3mb connect for $21.96 a month.


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