April Food Experiment

My eating habits for the month of March have been bad. I’ve had fast food and/or sweet tea/soda almost every single day. I was wanting to keep my food budget under $100 for the month and I’ve already spent over $150 for the month with a day to go. I wouldn’t feel bad about the money spent if I had spent it buying healthy food. Most of my food expense has been for junk food though. There has only been a couple days this month that I didn’t buy food. I need to get much better at eating the food I have rather than going out and buying whatever I crave at the moment.

My goal for April is to buy as little food as possible. Since I already have a lot of food in my apartment, my purchases should mainly be limited to fresh fruit and vegetables. I am going to allow myself some junk food. My work does cause me some anxiety and sometimes I really need a caffeinated beverage to make it through the work day. I will get a drink if I really need one,but I’m going to try to keep that at a minimum. I’m only working the first half of the month so I won’t have the work excuse for the last half of the month. Also, when I go out with friends or family I can buy food although I will try to keep it relatively healthy. Mystery shops won’t count since I’m not technically buying the food because I’m reimbursed. That may sound like a lot of excuses to buy food, but I think that will be just enough to allow me to stick to my no buying food in April experiment.

I have had quite a few food challenges or experiments before and haven’t been too successful with them. To help motivate myself I’ll be updating how I’m doing every weekend. And to provide more motivation and too keep me honest I will be sharing exactly what I eat for the month. You can visit myfitnesspal.com/tightfistedmiser and click on diary to see what I’m eating. I was tracking my food earlier this month but got tired of documenting how bad I was eating. Maybe if I know that everyone can see what I’m eating I’ll be motivated to eat a little better.

5 thoughts on “April Food Experiment”

  1. Good luck eating healthier in April. Eating healthy is a struggle for me, but mostly because of all the mystery shops I do. It is hard to turn down free food in favor of not free healthy food.

    Does the tax job absolutely end on the 15th or is there any transitional winding down period?

    • The tax job will be ending on April 16. I guess that day will be our winding down period. I have interviewed for a couple other jobs in the company but I doubt I’ll get them. If I do continuing to make good money will be nice, if I don’t I’ll enjoy having the free time and focusing on my writing and other things. I view it as a no lose scenario.

      I feel the same way about the mystery shop food. I hate to waste it even though I know it isn’t good for me.

  2. Whole Foods has their own coupons at the store entrance and on their website. Earthfarms and Organic Girl also have super high value coupons monthly….75/1 and $1/1. Good luck.

    All the free “junk” food is why I gave up Mystery shopping. Not worth it. Not to mention, getting paid 30 days after spending the money up front. 🙂

  3. Good luck with your month’s goal. It is really hard to maintain a healthy craving especially if you are a comfort eater and always turn to food everytime you’re stressed out. But with proper discipline and perseverance, I believe you can do it.


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