January Income – $2694.84

Here is a breakdown of my income for January.

Online Income






Cash Back


Mystery Shopping






My income was up quite a bit in January.  That isn’t too surprising since I started a new full-time job that pays more than I’ve ever made before. Plus, I still worked my part-time job.  The job income should be quite a bit more this month since I will have two complete pay period checks this month.  In January the first check from my full-time job was for just three days.

My other sources of income were pretty poor.  I have cut way back on mystery shopping since it isn’t really worth my time now that I’m working at my jobs so much.  I’d like the online income to be higher, but it will probably remain low for the next few months.  When my full-time job is finished I’ll work on increasing my online income again.

My $2694 income was quite a bit higher than my $822 in expenses so I can’t complain.  February should be even better.


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