January Expenses – $822.34

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for January.









Debt $5.00








I’m pleased with the total of my January expenses. One of my goals for the year is to keep my expenses below the level of a minimum wage income, which would be about $1274 a month.  I managed to do that and even managed to keep my expenses well under my stretch goal of $1000.

My food expense were still higher than I would prefer. This is because I had fast food almost every single day. Fast food made up over $100 of the food total.  My goal for February is to keep my fast food spending under $25 for the month. That should result in an overall lower food bill.  If I have to spend a little extra to get healthy food that I actually want to eat though, I will do that.

Transportation was where I enjoyed my biggest savings.  I went from over $800 last month to under $100 this month. I only had to fill up my car a couple of times and I didn’t have to spend any money on maintenance, insurance, or taxes so it was a very cheap month.  Gas prices are going up and I have to make a trip to SW Missouri and back this month so I won’t be able to keep my transportation expenses as low in February. They still shouldn’t be much over $100 though.

Entertainment was also very cheap. I used a free movie gift card for a couple of trips to the movies and other than that I mostly enjoyed free entertainment.

All the other categories were about the same as the month before and will probably be about the same this month. It is a short month so maybe I can get my expenses under $800 this month.





12 thoughts on “January Expenses – $822.34”

  1. Wow you did good on your food spending imo. I could easily go through $150 in a week in San Francisco. Food is expensive here, although really good, and with my schedule I eat out almost every meal.

  2. Wow. You kept things low. I would urge you to spend your food money on wholesome food, though! That is an investment in itself, plus eating out is almost never frugal. I’m also curious to know what you are doing about your law school debts. I see a very low debt repayment in your expenses this month. Are they waived for some reason?

    • I do need to spend more on healthy food and less on junk food.

      My law school loans are on Income Based Repayment so my current payment is $0. When the loan payment is reset based on last year’s income I expect I will have to pay something, but it will probably still be pretty low.


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