How to Get Free Books for Your Ereader

I love to read and usually read one or two books every week. Sometimes I might purchase a book using a free Amazon gift card from Swagbucks, but the vast majority of books I read are free. If you have a Kindle or other popular ereader it is easy to find lots of free books. This includes popular books like The Hunger Games.

Before I started reading on my Kindle, I used to get all my books from the library. Most libraries now have ebooks available to lend for a variety of ereaders. In my experience, there aren’t too many titles available and the more popular ones are always checked out. Your local library might be better, so it wouldn’t hurt to check out their ebook selection.

My preferred method for getting free ebooks is to get them from Amazon. For a list of the currently available free books on Amazon you can go to a site like that will compile them for you. I usually just go to the Amazon Kindle books best seller list. There you will find the top 100 free books. You can click on a category, such as investing or mystery, to see that category’s top 100 list. This will give you tons of options for free reading.

Although you can find lots of free books on the Amazon free best sellers lists, the most popular titles are rarely on there. To get a copy of popular titles to read you need to join a borrow and lend site such as Lendle. On these sites you list the books you have available to lend and request books you want to borrow. This is how I was able to get free reading copies of the last two books of “The Hunger Games.” The loans last 14 days and after that the book is returned to the owner. Bonus tip: If for some reason you are not able to finish the book in 14 days it is possible to keep the book longer if you have a wi-fi ereader. I wasn’t able to finish “Mockingjay” in 14 days because I kept reading other books that were more interesting to me. In order to finish the book, I just didn’t connect to wi-fi for a couple of days. They can’t pull the book off your Kindle if you’re not connected to the internet.

If you don’t have a Kindle you can still use these methods to get free ebooks. There are Amazon Kindle apps that allow you to use your iPhone or Android phone as a Kindle. There are also apps for your PC or Mac. Or you can just read in your browser using the Amazon cloud reader.

If you have an ereader that is not a Kindle you can still read Kindle books on it. You will need free ebook conversion software such as Calibre. It allows you to turn a Kindle format book into a variety of other formats. For example you could convert a book from the Kindle mobi format to the Nook epub format. With this free software you can read almost any ebook on almost any ereader.

There are a lot more sites than what I’ve mention that have free ebooks available, but I haven’t used them. I am able to find more free books than I can read just from the methods in this post.

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  2. It’s amazing what exists out there and how many different sites there are to find some valuable information.

    I don’t have an EReader, but I will make note of those sites if we were to ever get one!

    • I won my Kindle in a giveaway or I probably wouldn’t have one. Now that I have it though, I really like it. I also like having the Kindle app on my phone so I always have something to read when I have a few spare moments.


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