August Income – $2077.44

Here is a breakdown of my income for August.

Online Income






Cash Back


Bank Bonus


Mystery Shopping


Sell Stuff




I had a nice increase in income for August.  This was mainly due to my online income rebounding nicely.  I don’t expect it will continue this month, but if it is even half of August’s total I’ll be happy with it.  My other sources of passive and alternative income didn’t add up to too much.  The cash back total wasn’t too bad though.  I got $35 from Mr. Rebates which was almost all from my referral’s purchases. It is turning out to be a nice bit of passive income.  My mystery shopping income should be up in September as well since I did several mystery shops in August that I’ll be paid for this month.

Some people have criticized me for not having a job.  My August income is more than I’ve made from most of the jobs I’ve had.  I was making this much every month from the middle of last year to March of this year so I didn’t feel a need to get a job.  If you’re self-employed and making enough to pay your bills, I don’t think it is fair for people to tell you to get a job.

I will be getting a job of some sort this month.  Even with working a full-time job I think I can continue to make about the same amount of money in alternative and passive income.  The combination of job income and other income should allow me to pay off my van quickly and replenish my savings.  I’ll keep you posted on the job search.

27 thoughts on “August Income – $2077.44”

  1. Big congrats with the increase in online income! $1800 is certainly impressive!

    I’m still glad you’re looking to get a job despite the side hustle stuff. The blogging income is never guaranteed and it will be nice to know you have a paycheck coming in.

    • Getting a job should allow me to accelerate my debt payoff and rebuild my savings. Having a job shouldn’t reduce my online income since I think I’d still have enough time to maintain my sites.

    • I’d definitely like to make more, and I would like to use my degree, but it isn’t like I’m not doing anything. Some of the people I know just don’t consider blogging to be a real business.

  2. I would say you are employed. Don’t get a job just because some people think you should suffer for 40 hours a week. Take those hours and use them for the most productive or enjoyable thing. That could be expanding your online presence or spending your time doing what you love.

    How did last months online income break down?

    • Right now, I think I’d make more money at a job. If it gets to the point where I can make more online than at a job then I’ll only work online.

      Since sharing my online income details has caused problems in the past, I won’t be breaking down the sources. Some of the increase was just due to Adsense and affiliate income rolling over in previous months and being paid out this month.

  3. I agree with Pat, if you are making full time wages with part-time work, you are farther ahead than most.
    I think the people that have issues with you are the ones that are jealous that they can’t live a more “free” life like you!

  4. Well done! That’s some great online income. $2,000 in online income is great, and is definitely work, so I wouldn’t call you unemployed by any means. Having that income as well as a full-time job will put you in a pretty sweet position!

  5. Awesome month, that is a really healthy online income. If you can make double (or more?) when you have a “real” job, you’ll be rolling in dough before you know it.

    I moved across the country last summer and relied on my online income for a few months. While living at my now-wife’s house with her parents, I was encouraged (by her mom) to get a “real” job, even though the online income could more than pay the bills.

    I’m really glad I did, I got super lucky and landed a great position at a growing company earning 2-3 times more than what I was making sitting at home.

  6. You have to be happy in whatever you do. People believe you have to go to college, get a job and work yourself for the JOB and then you retire and you then are old enough to have fun. I say do what you want. Get out of life what you want. Everyone else is jealous of what you can do. From Been there and done that and now I play poker and deal poker. I am having fun.

  7. Love to hear that you had a decent month of online income. I would like to learn how to do that. Any suggestions? I make $2000 a month mystery shopping and right now it is my only source of income. My husband is disabled and has been denied his social security disability and we have 5 kids to feed so mystery shopping really helps. Lots of people don’t think I have a real job because I have flexible hours and still have time for my family. It hurts when others judge like that but I make more money doing this than working at my local Wal-Mart, that’s for sure!

  8. I would say that having online income is great, but if you are really interested in diversifying your income streams, you should also have a regular job ( either part – or full-time). Even if your online income pays the bills, adding another stream of income such as a job would help you build savings faster. Rising savings would lead to a rising investment income.

    just my 2 cents

      • Oh, I have read your site since 2007 -2008. It was one of the first blogs I started reading, referred by MyMoneyBlog.

        I have not posted much on my own site, since there have not been many worthwhile bank deals worthy of a national audience..


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