August Expense – $1604.23

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.









Van Payment $250
Tablet $150.95






My expenses were up a bit from July and a lot higher than I’d like.   The household expense was higher this month because I paid my mom’s electric and water bill since I’ve been staying at her house quite a bit.  Entertainment expenses were ok, but I’d like to reduce them further until I get the van paid off.   Transportation was the highest expense once again.  I spent over $500 on gas, which is way too much.  I also had to buy a new tire and get the oil changed.  I’ll be making it a priority this month to reduce my driving.  All the money I’m spending on gas is basically offsetting any money I’m saving from not having rent.

My food expense may seem low, but I was at my mom’s half the month and I had quite a few mystery shopping meals so it could have been lower.  I don’t plan to be at my mom’s much this month so the food expense will probably go up a little.   I plan to make at least one extra van payment this month so that expense will go up.  It is good for that expense to go up though.  I did buy a tablet for $150 which was a bit of a splurge.  My rationalization was that I saved a lot more money by not going to FinCon and having the tablet will make it more enjoyable to live in the van.  Phone bill and health expenses will be the same this month.

My goal for September is to have my expenses, other than van payments, be under $1000.  I believe that is an achievable goal.  We’ll find out next month whether I made it or not.

8 thoughts on “August Expense – $1604.23”

  1. Winter and cold weather are approaching, so you might want to consider working in a shelter payment somewhere.

    Even living in your van can be difficult in the winter.

    • 10 degrees probably is about the limit. I have a 0 degree sleeping bag and have slept outside in near 0 degree weather, but I was cold. I’m thinking it should be a little warmer inside the van. Since I haven’t actually spent a winter in the van yet, I don’t know for sure how cold of weather I can handle.

    • Mystery shopping is a nice way to make a little extra money. There are scams out there, but they’re usually pretty easy to spot. If you want any advice on legitimate companies feel free to contact me.


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