July Expenses – $1245.87

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for July.









Shoes $21
Travel $263.06






My expenses were down slightly from June. The biggest expense was for transportation, but it was quite a bit lower than last month.  I didn’t spend any money on gas after the 16th.  I did use a lot of gas though to drive to Atlanta and back and to visit my brother in South Carolina.  I’m hoping I can cut down on the miles this month.  I have a trip to Kansas City today so I’m not off to a good start.  My food expense is low because I spent the last half of the month at my mom’s.  I still spent money on meals out and some food though or that expense could have been even lower.  The travel expense was for working so I’m ok with it.  Entertainment was the main category I could have cut back on.  It should be lower this month.  This is probably about the level my expenses will be until I pay off my van.  I’m still going to try to get them a little lower though.

9 thoughts on “July Expenses – $1245.87”

    • Part of the transportation expense is the loan payment so that will go down once it is paid off. I have had very long road trips the past couple of months. I’m hoping I’ll have fewer in the next couple of months. I will be driving to FINCON in September though.

  1. It is amazing how low you’re able to keep your costs. However, I’m not sure I’d be down for living with my mom. 🙂 If I would have known you were headed to KC maybe we could have tried to schedule a meet-up! I have appointments the rest of the week though so it would be a little tough now, but be sure to let me know next time you head this way!

    • Living with my mom is good in small doses. I’ve made my own deadline of being out by August 15.

      I came up to KC for a job interview that was just scheduled the day before. If I get the job I’ll be relocating to KC, it should be easy to schedule a meet-up then.

    • I have a prepaid Virgin Mobile. I get unlimited data, unlimited text, and 300 minutes a month for $25 plus tax. For new customers it is $35 a month which is still a pretty good deal.

      • Andy, Thanks for sharing this. I’ll add that there are lots of prepaid plans out there that offer similar bargains with lots of text/data/talk for around or under $30/month.

        All of these people that are paying $100 a month for their data plans with iPhones could be on Straight Talk for $45, and all the people that are paying $40-60 for a little talk and text could be paying $20 on Virgin Mobile Paylo…. and still having all the coverage and customer service they need.


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