July Income – $1226.91

Here is a breakdown of my income for July.

Online Income




Extra Job


Cash Back


Bank Bonus


Mystery Shopping


Sell Stuff




My overall income was up a bit due to working as an extra.  If I were to deduct the cost of my motel stay and gas expense to get to Atlanta and back though, I would barely make any money from the extra job.  My online income was down once again.  This was the first month in over four years that I didn’t get a payout from Adsense.  I barely missed making the minimum for the Adsense payment and made more than enough in July so I’ll have a larger payment this month.  I also didn’t receive any affiliate income in July, but I made some income that will be paid this month.  I can already tell that August will be a better month than July for online income.

My other sources of passive and alternative income don’t add up to much and that probably won’t change this month.  I did almost no mystery shopping in July since there are very few jobs where I’m currently staying and with the poor MPG of my van it doesn’t make sense to travel very far for a shop.  I might sell more stuff this month.  That depends on whether I’m hired for the job I interviewed for yesterday.  If I get the job I’ll have a significant increase in income.

7 thoughts on “July Income – $1226.91”

  1. How are you ok with earning so little when you have so much debt? You are an educated person, you need to go to work. This is the first time I’ve ever seen your blog so I’m not entirely clear on why you’re in this situation, but earning $1200/mo and owing $57K is a freakin’ mess.

    • Where did you get the $57k figure from? Other than my student loans my only debt is my van and that debt is less than $2000. I make enough to pay my bills, but I am looking for employment.


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