June Income – $843.99

Here is a breakdown of my income for May.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Cash Back


Bank Bonus


Mystery Shopping




My income continues to decline. My online income is still down and will probably be even lower this month.  I’m hoping it will rebound after this month.  Luckily I have some passive and alternative streams of income to help make up for the reduced online income.   I didn’t sell anything in June and have only sold one thing so far in July.  I need to get busy selling stuff the rest of the month.  My interest income has declined to the point that it doesn’t really deserve it’s own category any more.  I’m scaling back on mystery shopping this month but most shops pay the month after you do them so it will be a month before the decline shows up.  I will have some job income this month but I need to find some more ways to increase my income.  This level of income will not pay my bills and pay off my debts.

10 thoughts on “June Income – $843.99”

    • The online income will probably have to come from different sources and I doubt it will be as easy as it once was. A few years ago I was making about $50 a month in interest. Interest rates were much higher then and I also had a lot more in savings. I’m looking into seasonal or temporary jobs.

    • I have four money-making sites plus a few other sites that make minimal or no money. Google hit them all hard. Having several sites didn’t really provide me with any diversification. I’d like to sell a couple of the sites after I have restored at least some of their income.

  1. Is the job income for July from the work you did on Devil’s Knot? That’s the coolest thing in the world, even if it was a wash when you compare income to expenses… at least you’ll have the memory of meeting Reese Witherspoon and being on camera for the rest of your life.

    That sucks about the online income continuing to decline. In a way I feel similar about mystery shopping. When I left the software job in 2009 I was often making $3,000 or month every month by mystery shopping. Now I am lucky to make more than $1,000. The jobs I made the most on have been scaled back in frequency and pay.

    How long will you be paying on the van?

    • Yes, the job income will be from the extra work. I went through Birmingham on my way down there. It was 1 in the morning when I went through and I didn’t really have time to stop so I didn’t try to plan a visit. Maybe next time.

      You still do a lot better at mystery shopping than me. I did one of those no photos gas shops when I was in GA. It was pretty easy, too bad they don’t have them in MO.

      I’ll be paying on the van for a year unless I pay it off early. Which I will do if I start making decent money.


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