Online Income Report – February 2012

Here is a breakdown of my online income for February 2012.

Google Adsense – $311.71

Affiliate Income – $3.75

Brokered Ads – $65.25

Direct Ads-$1773.67

Total – $2154.38

My online income went down quite a bit in February.  Private advertising income was down the most.  I’ve been thinking this would eventually subside and it has finally happened.  I am ahead of last month’s pace so far this month though so I’m hoping it will rebound a bit.  After having a great month of affiliate income in January my income went all the way down to $3.75 in February.  I actually made a couple hundred dollars in affiliate income in February but I haven’t received any of it yet and I don’t count it until I receive it.  This causes my affiliate income to seem more inconsistent than it really is.  I still need to work on increasing my affiliate income and other sources of online income in order to become less reliant on private advertising.  I can’t complain about this amount of income but it is unfortunate that my online income declined right when I was starting to outsource some of my online work.  Since I’m hiking the last two weeks of this month I won’t be doing much to try to increase my online income this month but I do have some ideas for when I return.


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  1. March started off better but with my hike the last two weeks and my page rank acting weird I probably won’t do any better this month. It wasn’t that long ago that I would have considered $2000 a fantastic month so I’m not complaining.


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