Resolutions for 2012

As the year comes to an end it is time to make resolutions for the new year. Last year I decided not to make any resolutions since I knew I probably wouldn’t keep them. I did make some monthly goals but didn’t do too well at meeting those either. I did have some achievements in 2011. I managed to pass the bar even though I’d been out of school for two years and didn’t take a bar prep course. I started making enough money online that I was able to live off my blogging income for the last half of the year. Also,my wife and I started a profitable offline business but I can’t take any credit for that since my wife did almost all the work in getting it started and keeping it running. This year wasn’t a bust but there is still plenty of room for improvement in 2012.

Here are my resolutions for 2012:

  • Lose Weight – I’ve made this a goal several times before but I’ve never made much progress on it and usually quit trying after a few weeks if not sooner. Next year that needs to change. I’ve gained even more weight this year and can tell it has affected my health. I have very little energy and am constantly feeling fatigued. I’m even tired when I wake up in the morning. I’m hoping that eating better, exercising, and losing weight will change that.
  • Write a Book – This was something I originally planned on doing in 2010. I managed to procrastinate on this for over a year. I plan on writing a short ebook and have all the information I need to write it. It should actually only take a few hours to write the book once I just sit down and do it.
  • Make More Money Online – I did great at making money online this year although that was largely due to luck. I plan to work harder at making money online in 2012. I’m going to develop several new sites and update my current sites on a more consistent basis. I’ll also explore ways to increase traffic and make more affiliate income.

  • Those are my resolutions for 2012 and I will write additional posts where I turn those resolutions into S.M.A.R.T. goals. I will also likely make additional goals during the year. Are you making any resolutions or goals for 2012?

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    1. Nice, straightforward goals. I also have similar goals, actually. Not sure what happened when I turned 40 this year, but I don’t have that same high level of energy as before all of a sudden. It requires more effort and discipline as we get older, which is what I’m starting to work on now.


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