March 2011 Goal Review

This has been a crazy week with lots of driving all over southern Missouri and northern Arkansas to complete end of the month mystery shops with nice bonuses.  One of my goals for the month of March were to make at least $500 income from sources other than a job, medical study or online.  This last bit of mystery shopping should have put me over that goal although I won’t actually receive the income until later this month.

My other goal was to write my ebook.  That didn’t happen.  I’m not sure why I can’t make myself write this book.  I am making the ebook a priority this month and it will be my only goal.  This should be an easy goal to meet.  I’ll let you know when I finish the ebook.

8 thoughts on “March 2011 Goal Review”

    • Thanks. Mystery shopping can be fun. I did quite a bit of it in March but I’ll be scaling back this month but if I feel like it I can ramp it back up again in May.

  1. That’s because ebooks are a terrible way to make money. You spend so much time writing them, and then if there’s little interest you get very little in return. I know everyone claims to be making a bazzilion on books these days, but given the steep up front time effort required, I would say it is not worth it. You are better off flipping burgers at MCD or just creating another blog.

    • Have you tried writing an ebook? I’m still going to write one and if it doesn’t sell I’ll chalk it up as a learning experience. I eventually want to write some fiction books as well and this looks like a good way to get started.


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