8 Ways for a Newly Engaged Couple to Save Money

The following is a guest post.

One of the first things you realize when you become is engaged is that it can be quite expensive to plan a wedding. You want to save money where you can, and that means some careful planning. The good news is there are plenty of ways that a newly engaged couple can save money.

Here are eight things you can do to save money for and on the wedding:

1. Combine Expenses

Go through your expenses together, and decide what can be combined. This doesn’t mean that you have to combine bank accounts, but it is good practice for when you have to share expenses. If you can find a way to combine some of your expenses, such as phone service, netflix accounts, or insurance, you can save money. Family plans, offered by cell phone companies, tend to save customers lots of money through an umbrella account. Instead of paying for one person to have unlimited text, it’s two for one.

2. Make Dinner Together

Even if you aren’t living together yet, you can still make dinner together. This saves money, since going out to eat consistently can add up quickly, and it is a fun thing to accomplish as a team. Plan some meals, and then cook together. It can be much more enjoyable than going out.

3. Look for an “Alternative” Ring

There is no reason to get diamonds, just because it’s the traditional option. My sister-in-law has a sapphire engagement/wedding ring, and my ring has emeralds in the band, rather than diamonds. You can get a piece of jewelry that makes a unique statement when you consider pearl, topaz, emerald, sapphire, and ruby rings, instead of diamonds.

4. Go Out During the Afternoon

If you still like to go out on occasion, go during the afternoon. Matinée movies are cheaper than evening movies. Lunch at a restaurant costs less than dinner. Another bonus: You often see fewer crowds at lunch and a matinee.

5. Create “Green” Wedding Invitations

More and more people are sending email invitations to their weddings, and setting up RSVP websites. This is a great way to save money, and, better yet, you can position it as a green decision. You save money on printing, and you save the earth.

6. Wedding on a Weekday

The most important people in your lives will take time off work to come see you married. For the others…well, a smaller wedding means smaller costs. A week-day wedding usually means lower prices at the venue, as well as lower hotel rates and less concern about booking conflicts.

7. Wedding Contributions as Gifts

My mother’s friend did our wedding cake as our gift. So we didn’t have to pay for a beautiful, professional, and ultimately, expensive cake. Let it be known, tactfully, that you are happy for your talented friends and relatives to contribute in lieu of gifts. It will save you money, and get everyone involved in the celebration.

8. Order Food that is in Season

This can reinforce your “green” wedding preference, and it means less expensive food. Focus on items that are in season, or that are locally produced. You won’t have to pay for long-distance shipping of other items. This is a fairly simple way to save money.

In the end, with a little creativity, it is possible for a new engaged couple to save money on living expenses and on the wedding. Your wedding should be a celebration of your love, not a wake for your savings account.

3 thoughts on “8 Ways for a Newly Engaged Couple to Save Money”

  1. It sounds as if you know alot about how to save on engaged/weddings, but can it be the same after you get married? How does it work with the economy the way it is, and can living simple be easy?
    I know that my husband and I share cost and we work together watching our pennies. It’s not easy, and along with the money stress there is family, kids and the basic relationship of marriage.
    I feel that working together with your partner will develop a stronger future.

  2. I’ve used a number of these suggestions when I planned my church wedding in 6 weeks in 1998. Here are a couple more ideas/similarities. #3 – bought rings at pawn shop – one mans trash is another mans treasure, and I still get many compliments on the ring to this day.
    #5 – We went to Staples and bought pretty paper and matching envelopes. I printed them at home, addressed them, and mailed them out.
    #7 – 2 of the ladies I went to church with rented part of a community center for the reception as their gift to us. My ex-brother in law took the pictures at a discounted rate. A woman my mom knows made us a small 3 layer wedding cake, and a couple sheet cakes. They were beautiful and not too expensive. Hubby’s parents paid for a couple nights at a nice hotel for the reception.
    #8 – other church members did a “bring a dish to pass” to the reception. No one left hungry. We had about 150 guests.
    Our music was played with a boom box. I only had 2 specific songs I wanted played (the first dance, and the parents dance) I provided those to one of the men at church, he played those, and filled in the rest with 60’s music.
    I bought a nice white suit dress with a flowing skirt out of a catalog for about 55.00. Hubby owned his own suit, but even if you bought a suit you don’t have to spend a ton. We just bought him a new shirt and tie.
    We bought the flowers from a Grocery store floral department.
    Our church works on a donation basis for the wedding ceremony.
    We probably spent 1000.00 to 1200.00 max (1998 prices)
    Still married, 3rd baby due any day now.


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