September Investment Income – $93.78

My September investment income rose slightly to $93.78 from $91.96 the month before. The rise was from stock market gains as I did not add to my portfolio. You can tell I have been procrastinating a lot lately since it is almost November and I’m just now getting my September investment income posted.

Disclaimer: This is not my actual investment income. To get this figure I first add up my retirement savings, emergency fund, and any other money I consider permanent savings. What the total of my savings would earn at 6% interest for a month is my monthly investment income. My goal is to get this amount to $1000 a month. If I have $1000 in monthly passive investment income I will be able to retire early. You can see what my actual investment income for the month was by looking at my monthly income report and adding the interest and dividend amounts.

2 thoughts on “September Investment Income – $93.78”

  1. I’m thinking about doing something like this on my site. Do you think 6% is a pretty reasonable estimation? What’s stopping you from posting your actual investment income?

    • As a rate of return 6% is reasonable although 4% is commonly held to be the safe withdrawal rate. My actual investment income varies a lot from month to month since my dividend income isn’t distributed equally by months. Using a standard 6% rate makes it easier to compare returns month to month.

      I do disclose my interest and dividend income in my monthly income report which is close to my actual investment income.


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