Online Income Report – September 2010

Here is a breakdown of my online income for September 2010.

Google Adsense – $372.50

Affiliate Income – $375

Direct Ads – $615.23

Text Links – $48

Total – $1410.73

I was quite pleased with my online income last month.  It was the most I have made in a month.  The Adsense was way up because I had an article that appeared on Yahoo Finance which brought me lots of very clicky traffic.  Adsense will be down this month unless something like that happens again.  My affiliate income should be up this month though partially because of the extra traffic from the Yahoo article and partly because of luck.  The direct ads will be down because I’ve been turning down some ad offers to help protect my page rank.  I do have over $100 in recurring monthly ads so I will still make at least that much.  Overall, my online income will be down but I’m hoping that I can hit the $1000 mark for the fourth month in a row.

This is my gross online income.  The online income I report in my monthly income posts is minus my hosting and domain expenses and some other basic expenses so it will always be smaller.

I’m working on adding some more sources of revenue and my plan is to get my monthly income consistently over $1500 and hopefully more.

10 thoughts on “Online Income Report – September 2010”

    • I write a weekly post for the US News My Money Blog. Yahoo picks up a lot of these posts. Usually they are buried somewhere in Yahoo News but in this case I had a link right on the first page of Yahoo Finance. That made a huge difference in traffic.

  1. Holy Jeebus. I think that I would wet myself with money like that from my blog. That’s a whole extra paycheck. Right now I’m making pennies, yes I said pennies, on my blog. I’m working on trying to optimize my ads and build up traffic at the same time. Congrats!

    • It would be like an extra paycheck except I don’t have a job. Since I don’t spend anywhere near 40 hours a week working on my sites it is a pretty good deal. If I did start working 40 hours on my sites though I might be able to make a full-time income from them.

  2. I must say that you have been more forthcoming than any blogger I have read about your income and where it comes from. I just thought it was proprietary information, guarded for fear someone would take it away…lol. Do you have anymore information that would help us bloggers who like to blog and would like to, need to make money? So far, I make nothing. And, I have not been too worried. But, now I aspire to make money. Thanks. I just found your blog.


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