Ehow Two Years Later

It was in November 2008 that I started writing for eHow.  Inspired by Pat’s eHow experiment at I planned to write a 100 articles in a month.  Like many of my plans that didn’t happen but I eventually wrote six articles for them but two of them were later deleted so I only have four articles there now.

So far I have earned $74.71.  I also earned about that much in affiliate income but I don’t have any links now.  That might not sound too impressive but considering I spent maybe three hours writing the articles it is a pretty good hourly rate.  I’m on pace to make slightly more than $35 from them this year and that should continue in the future.  It is now a steady passive income source.

Ehow has changed the way their site works so I can’t submit any more articles and make passive income.  There are other similar sites out there but I’m not sure if any of them are worth writing for.  I wish I would have wrote more articles for eHow but I won’t complain about making $35 this year for doing nothing.

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  1. I was so sad when they changed the way that they did business. I was on track to write of bunch of articles. I was invited to write on the other network, but they only pay a one time $15 fee and there are lots of fees and reviews. Not so passive. If you find something similar to how eHow was, let me know.


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