June Expenses- $1263.31

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

















June’s expenses were a big improvement from May but not quite down to the $1000 level that is my goal.   If I wouldn’t have spent $170 on a washer and dryer and another $130 on getting my brakes fixed my expenses would have been reasonable and I would have made my goal.

In July I should be able to make my $1000 goal if I don’t include wedding/honeymoon expenses.  The bulk of that has been paid for but there will be approximately another $300-$500 in expenses for the wedding and honeymoon.

I should be able to significantly reduce my transportation expense this month.  It has been too high because I’ve been making too many long drives.  I will be keeping the long drives to a minimum this month and will try to curb my driving around town as well.

The food expense may not look bad but it is.  Only $38 of that total is groceries I bought for the household.  The rest is fast-food I bought for myself.  Making that figure even worse is the fact that I received several free fast-food meals from mystery shops.  It is no surprise that I gained weight in June.  For July I won’t be having any fast food unless it is for a mystery shop.  I may have to make an exception for In-n-Out when I am in Vegas since I don’t get to eat it too often.

Utilities will probably go up since we will receive the first electric bill for our new apartment.  June’s utilities included my electric bill for my apartment in KC, my final internet bill, and my cell phone bill.   The July electric bill will probably be bigger than all those combined.  At least I won’t have to pay for internet any more since it is included in rent.

The other categories will probably be roughly the same.  We will not be sharing all expenses 50/50 so I will note that when I total July’s expenses.

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