A Profitable Vacation

hiking at red rock
I am back from my Vegas vacation and I had a great time. The picture is at Red Rock Canyon where I went hiking with some friends. The trip didn’t start off too well as I lost $200 playing poker the first day. The last couple of days I had a good comeback though. On Monday night I placed 4th in a no-limit hold’em tournament at the Sahara which paid $310. After deducting my entrance fee and dealer toke that left me with a profit of $250. I had won a little bit since losing the $200 so this left me at about a $100 up on gambling for the trip.

My best luck was on Tuesday when I was scheduled to leave. My flight was overbooked, I volunteered to be bumped and scored a $200 travel voucher. It would have been even more if I wasn’t already traveling on a reward ticket. This gave me several more hours in Vegas and I used it to play more poker. I ended up winning $90 playing $4-$8 Omaha H/L. My total of gambling winnings for the trip was $193. Combine that with the travel voucher and I made $393 during my vacation. My expenses(hotel,parking,taxi,bus,valet)were only $252 so it was a profitable vacation. It is too bad I can’t go on vacation all the time and make money.

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  1. Glad to see you made it out to Red Rock after all. I don’t feel so sleezy when I go to Vegas if I do something active while I’m there.

    Congrats on making it a free vacation. That voucher should cover your next trip out there, or you could always sell it on Craigslist.

    • My Frugal Miser – Red Rock was a nice diversion from gambling. I’m probably going to use the voucher for myself. Maybe I will get really lucky and get bumped again when I use it.


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