What a $360 Apartment Looks Like

Here are a few pictures of my apartment for those who are wondering what you get for $360. The pictures were taken from my cell phone and I’m not much of a photographer but I think you will get the general idea. My apartment is two rooms if you can’t tell from the pictures. There is also a bathroom which is not pictured. Since the pictures were taken I have upgraded from a sleeping bag to a mattress. I don’t have furniture but that is by choice. This is a cheap, frugal apartment and it is all I need. If you have any questions about the apartment feel free to ask.

10 thoughts on “What a $360 Apartment Looks Like”

  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! I was thinking Medical School. Seriously, I think that is great and it is good. I have children a many things from my more materialistic past. If you are still starting out, I haven’t much but I can sent you a house-warming gift.

    Just email me

    Be Well!!!

  2. Daizy – I think I had an even cheaper apartment back in 1999 it was a little nicer than my current apartment but not in a good part of town.

    SonyaAnn – It probably doesn’t take long to clean, if I ever do that I’ll see how long it takes. 🙂 I will not be staying long. I am moving soon.

    Pat – Thanks for the offer but I’m good.

  3. Dollar amounts can be misleading because we filter them through the lens of our own geographical area. I couldn’t wait to see the pictures of your $360 apartment, because such a thing does not exist in the Los Angeles area, where I live. I was amazed at how very nice it is! Such a place would be about $800 where I am, I think, and even more in the more desirable parts of the Los Angeles area.

  4. Ray- My apartment is about as cheap as apartments get around here. To get any cheaper you would have to live in an undesirable area and have a worse apartment. Even then many apartments in the “hood” cost just as much as mine.

  5. I wish I could find an apartment for that cheap. I’d have to move out of the city to get a rate anywhere near as cheap as that. AND it looks like your $360 apartment is BIGGER than my $590 (including water) apartment.


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