My Plans for 2010 – So Far

My plans for this year are not too definite yet. For now I am working full-time at my non-profit job. This job is one I can tolerate but it doesn’t pay much. It does at least count towards my ten years of public service that would allow my student loans to be forgiven.

I’m not looking for a more permanent job right now because I plan to hike the Appalachian Trail this year. Hiking the trail is something I feel like I need to do or it is just going to be bugging me that I haven’t done it. This year it will finally get done one way or another.

I’m not sure when I will leave for my hike since my apartment lease isn’t over until the end of May. I might leave before then and just pay rent on my vacant apartment. After my lease is over I am going to put all my stuff in storage and go without an apartment for the rest of the year. That should save me some money.

These plans will be updated and more detail provided as they get put into action. If you have any feedback on my plans I would like to hear it.

2 thoughts on “My Plans for 2010 – So Far”

  1. Hey Andy,
    It would be so nice to get away like that with hiking the trail. I can’t think of too many ways to clear your mind better than that. I’m at that almost-burnt out phase of my life where I want to leave the corporate world behind and just enjoy life.

    By the way, I added a blogroll on My Frugal Miser. I added Tight Fisted Miser to it since I’m such a fan. It would be flattering if you considered adding mine to your site. I know I’m not quite the miser you are (yet!) but I’m working on it.


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