Getting Rid of Stuff

I don’t own a lot of stuff. Everything I own could fit in my Toyota Camry. I might not be able to safely drive with all of that stuff crammed in there but I could make it fit. That being said I still own too much stuff.

Baker of Man vs. Debt lists all of his stuff and many people participate in the 100 Things Challenge. Compared to them I have a lot of stuff.

In order to reduce my possessions I will be taking advantage of Ebay’s five free listings a month. In addition I will sell stuff locally, give stuff away, or throw stuff away as needed. Even doing that I don’t think I will get down to 100 things unless I’m loose with what I count as an item. If I counted all my books as one item and all my clothes as another item I could probably get down to 100 things but I would consider that cheating.

Instead of setting a goal of 100 items I am going to set a goal of having everything I own fit in the trunk of my Camry. That will be enough of a challenge and at that point I don’t think I will feel like I have too much stuff.

4 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Stuff”

  1. I, too, have been trying to get rid of a lot of possessions. I have two cartons of books sitting here, that I was going to sell cheap to a used bookstore that is opening locally. Unfortunately, the person who was supposed to come and get them never bothered. Your post inspired me to finally start putting them up on this afternoon, so thanks!

  2. Wow… and here I was posting about getting rid of 100 items in December. To actually live with less than 100 would be impossible unless I resorted to the “grouping” you referred to. I have more than 100 pieces of silverware/dishware/pots and pans alone if left ungrouped!

    Don’t you have any furniture? I sold my living room furniture and thought that was extreme. I still have a bed, dresser, desk and bookshelves.

    Then the garage: tools, vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies.

    Wow…there’s no way all that would fit into my car. Pray tell how you do it (specifically around the larger items such as a bed)… are you renting a furnished unit or something?

    • Frugal Miser – I don’t have much in the way of furniture. I have a wooden nightstand that I use as a TV stand, some plastic shelving, a tray table, and a borrowed folding chair. More furniture was available to me but this was all I wanted. I sleep on the floor and I find it more comfortable than a bed.


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