Getting Rid of Stuff

I don’t own a lot of stuff. Everything I own could fit in my Toyota Camry. I might not be able to safely drive with all of that stuff crammed in there but I could make it fit. That being said I still own too much stuff.

Baker of Man vs. Debt lists all of his stuff and many people participate in the 100 Things Challenge. Compared to them I have a lot of stuff.

In order to reduce my possessions I will be taking advantage of Ebay’s five free listings a month. In addition I will sell stuff locally, give stuff away, or throw stuff away as needed. Even doing that I don’t think I will get down to 100 things unless I’m loose with what I count as an item. If I counted all my books as one item and all my clothes as another item I could probably get down to 100 things but I would consider that cheating.

Instead of setting a goal of 100 items I am going to set a goal of having everything I own fit in the trunk of my Camry. That will be enough of a challenge and at that point I don’t think I will feel like I have too much stuff.