Frugality is Not “Not”!

Many who have a negative opinion of frugality see it as “not” having a big house, “not” driving a big car, “not” going out to eat, etc. Viewed that way it is no wonder that they have a negative opinion of frugality. Frugality, like many things, can be defined by what it is not but that isn’t the best way to define it.

One way to define frugality is that it is about making choices. For example driving a small, fuel-efficient car rather than a big SUV so that you will have more money for retirement. Or living in a small house rather than a large house so you can put more in your children’s college fund. That is a better definition but still not ideal because it is making your choices look like sacrifices.

The best way of viewing frugality is realizing that the frugal choice can be the preferable choice. For example, your small car saves you money on gas, contributes less pollution to the environment, and is easier to park. The small home is easier to maintain,easier to clean, and cozy. Cooking at home can provide you with better tasting and more nutritious food. Plus when you do eat out it is a treat not just a boring routine.

Less is more. Frugal is better.

2 thoughts on “Frugality is Not “Not”!”

  1. I agree. Frugality is about choices. If you choose to have something and forgo something else then that is fine, generally it may be something you wouldn’t miss anyway. Many people who are jumping frugality train are focusing too much on the denial aspect of frugality. Escaping the entitlement mentality also makes it difficult for new frugal people to cope. Not everyone is entitled to things.

    I consider myself frugal and make choices that suit my lifestyle and yet, do not feel that I am missing out on anything. It is possible to have quality items (as well as quality of life) and be frugal.


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