Weekend Spending Spree

My goal of spending less money this year is not off to a very good start after this weekend. On Friday I saw that Nebraska Furniture Mart was advertising a twin mattress for $30. Since I have been sleeping on the floor in my new apartment this looked like a pretty good deal. After sleeping on the mattress for a couple of nights I am happy with the purchase. Although it is a foam mattress it is much firmer than I expected but still softer than the floor. It isn’t a great mattress but for $30 it was a good deal.

Sunday was when I spent the big money. I had internet installed in my apartment a couple weeks ago but my aging laptop was so slow that it was too frustrating too use the internet much at home. I tried cleaning up the disk and running some anti-virus and spyware programs but my laptop’s performance didn’t improve. I finally came to the conclusion that with my laptop being five years old and performing poorly it was time to buy a new one. Best Buy advertised a new laptop for $280 in Sunday’s paper so I went and bought it. They had a printer/copier/scanner for $30 when you bought the laptop so I bought that too. The performance of the new laptop is so much better that I do not regret the purchase.

I know some people have to keep themselves from spending money. My problem is the opposite I have to make myself spend money. The items I bought this weekend (except maybe the printer) were items that needed and I will receive great value from for the price. I still had a hard time convincing myself to buy them. I convinced myself to make these purchases by deciding not to take a trip to Las Vegas that I had been considering. Sometimes you do have to spend money.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Spending Spree”

  1. Good for you! I don’t think anyone can argue against you buying a mattress… shame on you for sleeping on the floor for so long, Andy… that’s no way to live!

    You can depreciate the cost of the laptop as a business tax. I’m not sure if this helps with your tax situation but thought I’d bring that up. Same with the Internet access… that’s an expense. You probably knew this already.


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