September Expenses – $1435.49

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for September.



















My expenses were higher than I would prefer in September but not too bad considering I was traveling most of the month. The travel expense was the budget killer. This amount was what I spent on airfare, hotel rooms, taxis, and buses. I find it hard to believe I spent that much but I did. I probably won’t travel at all this month so this category will go down to zero. The food budget was also high since I ate out for most of my meals. My food expense should go back to normal this month.  My household expense was  low this month since my GF allowed me to not pay rent while I was gone.  This amount will go back to normal this month.  My transportation expense was low this month since most of my transportation costs were included in the travel category.  That expense will go up this month but it should still be fairly low.  My other categories should remain about the same.

It is now obvious that I will not meet my goal of keeping my expenses to under $10,000 for the year.  I may have already passed that expense level but I haven’t added up my monthly expenses yet to be sure.  I will still try to keep my expenses low for the rest of the year and I will probably set a similar goal next year.

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    • I have quite a bit in savings. So far this year though my income has been about the same as my expenses so I don’t think I have really drawn much if any out of my savings.


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