Alternative Income Activities This Month

I have a goal of doing something every day this month to make extra money. We are just a third of the way through the month and I can see this goal is going to be difficult to meet. I want to come up with a different alternative income activity for every day and I’m already running out of ideas and falling behind. Here is what I’ve done so far this month.

  1. Launched a PPC campaign.
  2. Pinecone Survey.
  3. Law School Survey.
  4. Capital One Purchase Checks. Check out this FW thread to see how to make money with these credit card checks.
  5. Order dollar coins.  Here is a FW thread on making money ordering dollar coins.
  6. Moved money from non-interest bearing account to 5.01% APY reward checking account.
  7. Sold extra books to Half-Price books.
  8. Medical Study.
  9. Added new Adsense ads to Tight Fisted Miser and Bank and tweaked placement of existing ads.
  10. Sold CD at Second Spin.

None of these items are very big money makers and in the case of the PPC campaign it might be a money loser.  I need to come up with some money making ideas that have more potential.  If you have any ideas you want to sure I’d love to hear them.

4 thoughts on “Alternative Income Activities This Month”

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  2. go to and sign up – it is free

    each day you are awarded 1 free spin minimum. In the month that I have been signed up, I have already won over $15. I have not signed up for anything, done any of their surveys or spent any money – the funds I have are just from using the free spin awarded each day. When you reach $20 you can ask for a pay out. I did notice that once I hit the $10 mark I started getting a lot more ‘lose turn’ and ‘try again’ but then every second day or so I will still win between 5 and 50 cents. Hey, every little bit counts!

  3. Another site you can make money on is:

    you listen to a one minute clip of music that has been placed on the site by new musicians and you give your honest review. Beginners earn about 10 cents per review. Sometimes there is nothing to review, and sometimes there are lots to review. Granted, you aren’t going to get rich doing this, but if you enjoy music anyway, and enjoy giving your opinion, then for a couple of minutes of your time you can earn some cents that could add up over the weeks and months.


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