May Income – $2141.47

Here is a breakdown of my income for May.

Online Income




Survey/Cash Back


Stock Dividends




Medical Study


Graduation Gifts




I had a nice increase in income for May. That was mainly due to the medical study although I got a nice amount of cash as graduation gifts as well. People that know me know I prefer the gift of cash. My online income was down but that isn’t as bad as it looks. The big decrease is because I spent $164 on the Thesis theme which I expect to ultimately pay me back.

3 thoughts on “May Income – $2141.47”

  1. TFM,

    Would you care to disclose what type of medical studies you are participating in. Sounds like if you do one of those every month, you won’t need a job..
    However aren’t you afraid that the medical studies you are doing would backfire in increased medical costs over time?

    • DGI- There is a slight chance that I could experience a bad side effect from one of the medical study drugs but I think it is a minimal risk. Even with doing these studies I take much less medication than the average American.


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